These tips for integrating video interviews into your company’s hiring practices give HR leaders a window into some of the key considerations when seeking to utilize video job interviewing.

Video job interviewing is a time efficient and cost effective way to evaluate job applicants. When assessing the topic of video job interviews, it’s helpful to understand your options. If your company seeks to integrate video interviewing into the hiring process, here are some topics worthy of consideration for HR leaders and CHROs.

Benefits of Video Job Interviews

Video interviewing is a major time saver! Evaluating applicants more expeditiously reduces barriers and ultimately improves the quality of your hires. Additionally, video interviewing creates brand engagement with applicants which reflects well on the employer. Many video interviewing platforms offer advanced tools to automate the evaluation of candidates including generating behavioral profiles.

Methods of Video Interviewing

Automated video interviews engage applicants with pre-determined questions on video. Live manned video interviews are often held on platforms like HireVue, SparkHire, and myInterview which are designed specifically for video interviews. Some employers also use video conferencing platforms such as Skype, Zoom, or Google Duo.

Select a Communication Platform

In the previous paragraph, I shared popular video interview platforms as well as general video conferencing solutions. When selecting a platform, it’s wise to look for options that integrate with your existing ATS for a seamless back end process. Each HR leader must assess their individual needs and budget for hosting video job interviews.

Prepare Employees for Video Interviews

When integrating video interviewing into the hiring process, it’s important to prepare internal team members on best practices for conducting video job interviews. This means providing effective training and development on the do’s and don’ts for conducting effective video interviews while operating in accordance with EEOC policies.

Understand Fair Hiring Practices

Some video job interviewing software platforms use next level simulated interviewing technology to automate candidate. This includes analyzing facial expression, tone of voice, and skin complexion which has been a source of controversy as it pertains to fair hiring practices set forth by EEOC.

In fact, heading into 2020, Illinois passed a law restricting employers from using certain AI screening tools to protect applicants from being unfairly treated. When integrating video interviewing into your hiring process it’s important to understand your state’s laws pertaining to the use of artificial intelligence for evaluating job applicants.

In Recap

Video job interviewing is a requisite tool in the toolbox of savvy HR leaders. It’s important to understand the factors at play when integrating video job interviews into your company’s hiring practices. My top tips for integrating video interviews into your hiring practices include selecting the right platform, training your employees internally, and understanding fair hiring practices.